The Knotts are a very sweet family that I go to church with. They are basically like Modern Day Charles and Caroline Ingalls. They like to homestead. They make their own honey, furniture, and dry their own herbs. They can their own fruits and veggies, and have even raised rabbits for meat. They are so cool. They are the parents to 5 boys and 1 baby girl. The dad, Jonathan is an amazing woodworker and arborist.

When we first moved into our house, we had this big dead tree in our front yard that he offered to chop down and haul away, with just the wood as his payment. A couple years later, we had some big prickly bushes on the side of our house that we were so tired of and so we struck up a deal that he would help us remove them in exchange for a custom made quilt. This was a fun one in my Sentimental Snuggles series, for my neighbors that I actually struck up a trade with. In exchange for their very own custom made quilt, the dad of the family did some yard work for us, helping us rip out a huge line of prickly ugly bushes.

This was a really fun project because the quotes that they gave me for this were just so funny. Here is the finished design:

For the back of this quilt I used a really soft, dark grey fleece blanket. This would ensure that the quilt would be nice and warm and suitable to use even in the winter time.

I quilted pebbles all over it so it would have a really cool texture.

They loved it so much, and it was just such a fun project to be able to make for them on trade. People helping people.