This was a quilt I actually made a few years ago as part of a blog project in 2013. The project was called “Insightful Stitches” and each month I made a mini quilt that was based around a specific theme- something that was motivational and uplifting. For June, the theme was kindness. And so here is the design that I had printed onto fabric:

I really liked this quilt, because it was just straight and to the point. A little silly, but serious enough for the message to be taken to heart. Here is the process for making this quilt:

I started with an almost neon orange backing fabric:

And I stitched around all the main letters. I used a really puffy, pretty low quality batting. At this time in my life, I was putting my husband through school, living in someone else’s basement and not really in a position to “shop around” for the best type of batting. Paying $10 to have the fat quarter printed was already enough of a splurge.

Next, I started by quilting in the light beige background area of the words, do the wedges design. The density on this ins’t perfect, but remember, this was way back in 2013 when I was still in the very experimental stages of my quilting endeavors.

Next, I chose matching thread colors and did a different filler design inside each of the words.

And then finally did some fun, stacked pebble rows in each of the quilt’s corners.

Finally, I bound it in a super cute bright green fabric.

So cute right? I really liked this quilt. I don’t have it any more, it was later donated to an auction where the proceeds were going to help a family in need. I was happy to donate it, and because the fabric was designed digitally and printed, I could always re-print it again at any time and make another little wall-hanging.