This quilt is one of my personal favorites. I created the design while I was on a camping trip with the young girls in my ward (ages 12-18) and while I was making it I just thought so much about what it means to be irreplaceable, and the intrinsic value that each one of us holds. I hoped that the words I chose to illustrate, “completely” and “utterly” would help stress just how important it is for us to remember our worth.

Here is what the printed design looks like:

I really love the rainbow gradient, that has a hint of noise to it, to give it some texture. Also, when I had it printed onto fabric, I elongated the design just a tad. But, you can’t really tell that the lettering was stretched just a little bit, and because this is hand lettered and I didn’t use any fonts, I wasn’t braking any typographical rules.

The quilt is only about 20×26 inches and I really love it. It just brightens any room it is in.

For the quilting I did my Karlee Kurls. (I know I do them a lot, but they are such a hallmark of my style, I’m not even sorry about it.)

And then I bound it in some cute green fabric that had white flower/leaf silhouettes all over it. I thought it matched the color scheme nicely, and also had sort of a texture to it that went well.

And now you can actually buy this design as a quilt top in 3 different sizes, and a TON of different colors. Click here to get your own printed fabric with this design on it!

Or, if you aren’t into the printed fabric style, I also have a printable pattern that you can purchase and download to make your own whole cloth quilt.