Favorite Supplies

Throughout this book, I talk about so many different techniques and all my favorite supplies! So, I made an awesome running list of every supply I mention and exactly where you can purchase it! These are affiliate links so they help my little business grow! I hope you’ll try out some of my favorite supplies. I promise I only recommend things that I use myself, in my art studio. Just click each link to be taken to the best place to purchase that supply. Love ya!

Analog Supplies:
1. Mechanical Pencil
2. PrismaColor Ink Pens and Faber Castell Ink Pens
3. Watercolor Paints
4. Tracing Paper
5. Watercolor Paper
6. Watercolor Brushes

Digital Supplies:
1. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
2. MacBook Pro and Wireless Mouse
3. Drawing and Annotation Apps for the iPad – GoodNotes and ProCreate

Quilting Supplies:
1. Solid Colored Fabric
2. Batting and Stabilizer
3. Thread
4. Fabric Pen, Fabric Pencil, and Fabric Marking Pen
5. Custom Printed Fabric
6. Sewing or Longarm Quilting Machine (I personally use Handi Quilter Machines– a Sweet 16 Sit Down Machine and an Infinity with Pro-Stitcher.)
7. Embroidery Loom and Hand-Sewing Supplies
8. Beads for binding. Beads for on the quilt.
9. Swarovski Hot-Fix Crystals and hot-fix crystal applicator
10. Basting Spray
11. Yarns for Couching
12. Foundation Paper Piecing Printer Paper

Web Resources:
1. My favorite website for font referencing is Dafont.com and FontSquirrel.com is a close second.
2. My Lettering heroes are the following: Jessica Hische, Lauren Hom, Martina Flor, Seb Lester, VicLee London, and Ann Lettering.

Favorite Books (in no particular order):
1. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp
2. Pareidolia: A Retrospective by James Jean
3. Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks
4. Banksy: Wall & Piece
5. In Progress by Jessica Hische