Zipper Bag #10


This zipper bag is made from sustainable products. Every seam is triple stitched for long-lasting durability, and the fabric is quilted for extra strength and beauty. Each and every bag that Karlee makes is one of a kind and no two are exactly the same. Some of her bags use the same quilting motif, and others the same fabric. But no combinations of the two are ever repeated. All of the supplies used to make these bags are custom designed (per project), recycled, thrifted, or vintage. The zipper pulls are made of laser-cut birchwood and adorned with the words “Be great to each other.” Something we can all be reminded of. 🙂 My goal of making these bags is to use up materials, create less consumer waste, and make an accessory that is not only beautiful, but will last for many years to come. All zipper bags are machine washable.

Tape measure included in the photo for scale.

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