Love Language

This was a really fun mini quilt to create! I have said for a long time that quilting was my love language, so I thought it was time to make a quilt with the phrase on it!

I started out by drawing the lettering to create a pattern. Then, I printed the pattern to about the size of a fat quarter, and then taped it to my window to trace the design onto fabric:

Then, I quilted the inside of the cloud with my fingerprint filler design.

When I was picking out all my thread colors for the contour lines around the edge, I had picked exactly 15 colors, and so I was able to plan it out where each color would be used at 4 different times. This would maintain the rainbow of colors around the edge.

So. Many. Contour. Lines!!! This is what the quilting looked like in real-time:

And here it is at the speed I WISH I could quilt it:

I did have some sections between the contour lines where I had extra space so I filled them in with a wood grain filler using Sulky Holoshimmer thread, which I adore.

And then Finally I did all that beautiful couching work to make those letters really “POP!”

And I think it turned out SO GOOD!!!

If you’d like to try your hand at this design as well, you can click here to purchase and download the pattern!