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Honesty and Digital Designs

There is a question I get time and time again about my digital designs: “Karlee, I love your designs, and I want to use them for {insert specific reason here}. Is that alright with you?” First of all, I LOVE THIS QUESTION. As an independent designer who sells downloadable designs, I appreciate so much when people take the time to find out the answers to their specific questions on how my designs legally can and cannot be use. So, I wanted to break it down for y’all and answer these questions more specifically to clear the air and answer this […]

Celebrity Status

So…. there is this really awesome online platform for quilters, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called “The Quilt Show” and it is basically the Netflix for Quilters. Well, last month, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims (the hosts of the show) asked ME to be a guest on the show!!! This was such an honor! The show is shot at the Comcast building in Centennial Colorado. I just live on the other side of the Rockies, in Northern Utah. So I decided to make a little road trip out of it. This was actually, now that I think about it, […]

Quilted Post Cards – Spread that love like Glitter!

I have been into hand-lettering for a long time and I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that combining hand-lettering and quilting is basically the best idea ever! This might sound crazy or whatever, but ever since I started participating in the quilting/sewing/crafting industry, every 18 months or so I have this existential crisis about my identity as a creative/career/all around human being. I have always been into art, and from a young age (starting in about 2nd grade) I already knew in my head that I would do something artsy as a career path. I […]

One-Upping Myself.

I recently created a new computerized quilting design that took me FOR FREAKING EVER. As I was digitizing it, I realized that this might be a good opportunity to help people understand exactly what goes into the digitizing process for computerized quilting designs. So, first off, here is the design in all its glory: Now, I have created designs similar to this in the past, but nothing this intricate. While I do have other Graffiti Quilting designs that have the same layout: starting in the center and working towards the edges, like this one: And this one: And this one: […]

International Quilt Association Featured ME!!!

So last fall my quilt The Royal Huntress won 3rd place in the Houston International Quilt festival, and the year before that, my quilt Disparity won 1st place! So, this year IQA asked if they could do a feature on me and my journey as an artist. Here is what they published: Pretty cool right?? Man I feel like such a celebrity! Haha. Thanks for taking the time to read. Be great to each other, -Karlee