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Introducing the Digital Design Loyalty Club!

Hello, computerized quilting enthusiasts! I have been designing computerized quilting patterns for over 4 years now. Over that time, I have come up with over 1000 designs! Since I launched my website in April of 2015 I have been listing those designs on my site little by little. Now that you have quite a few to pick from, I wanted to find a way to show appreciation for all the support I have been shown by those of you who have purchased and used my designs. So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce to you the Digital Design […]

A Quilt For The Home ❤

In the almost 7 years that I have been a quilter, I have attempted to make a quilt for the hubby and I maybe once or twice. The first time I tried, (about 4 years ago) the quilt top I spent about 15 hours piecing got ripped in half right before my eyes by someone who thought that the piecing was not good enough for a bed quilt. Yep, that happened to me. (That will be a blog post for another time… when I finish the top, or can even look at the 2 halves without crying.) So a few years have passed, […]