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Life is Beautiful.

Life has just been a little cray cray lately. I have been working on a wholecloth quilt the past couple of weeks, it is not for anything in particular. Just because. I just pieced a few pieces of white fabric together to make a pretty stinking huge quilt. I haven’t measured it (because I didn’t really plan it out to begin with) but I am pretty sure it is close to a king size quilt. I chose to do it so big because I normally make quilts that really are not even big enough to snuggle under. I am so […]

Gettin’ Down to Business

As many of you know, I really really love creating digital quilting designs. (if you need some background on what I mean, check out computerized quilting in a nutshell.) I know this sounds lame, but it really is just so addicting to me. And there is nothing more satisfying than spending hours and hours on a new quilting design and FINALLY getting it loaded onto my quilting machine and stitched out. I love it. I am sure composers feel the same way when they hear their arrangement played by a live orchestra for the first time. Or the way a […]

Young Textile Artist Challenge

Today is another quilt competition deadline. This competition really enticed me because it is designated for “Young Textile Artists” and you can only submit work if you are under the age of 30. Hey look at that! An actual competition for us youngins! I figured I might have a good shot at doing well in this show because c’mon, how many competition quilters are out there that are under the age of 30? Pry like 9. Maybe 10. Haha. So I thought this one would be fun. As you all know, I have been dabbling quite a bit lately in […]