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Patience is over?

HAH! Trick question. Patience is never over. If it ended, it wouldn’t be patience anymore. So, this month’s quilt has been almost a race to the finish line. (Hence, only one more post on the last day of the month.) And I FINISHED this month’s quilt! Haha I guess it really isn’t that big of a deal to say you are still on track IN JANUARY. But hey, its a big deal for me. Now I better stop talking before I jinx it. Here is the quilt in question (also…proof that I DID in fact finish this month.) So last […]

Patience pays off.

Hello dear friends! My fabric arrived a couple days ago, and I have hit the ground running with quilting it! Speaking of the fabric, if you would like to follow along and do your own quilt-a-month along with me, You can purchase those fabrics designed by yours truly, in advance. I have already added January’s design to my shop, and February’s will be ready to order in just a couple days. Check out my store here or click on the “shop” button at the top of my blog. (I will also be adding other little goodies to the shop here […]

Patience is a virtue…

Aaaaaand….. The patience continues waiting on my fabric to arrive. BUT! On Tuesday, I got an email from the website I ordered it from letting me know that it has indeed shipped!!! Woohoo! So, now it should be here any day. Hopefully tomorrow. And in this experience, I have learned yet another plain and simple truth regarding patience. Great things happen to everyone. We just don’t know when. I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but in December I got a call from a woman named Becky. From the Standard Examiner news publication. She wanted to do a […]

The Patience continues….

I find it a little serendipitous¬†that patience ¬†is the theme for the first month of the year, for a couple reasons. First, I have found that as I have set my new years resolutions, all I keep thinking about is how I want them to come true!!! The catch is that the only way to know for sure if you have actually followed through is to look back at the end of the year and either say you were faithful to your goals or you weren’t. I am a pretty dang impatient person. I know this. And it is amazing […]

New year, new goal.

It is officially 2013! As I ponder and process the goals I plan to make, there is one that keeps coming to my mind. Help people. I know, I know. This is pretty vague. But, is it really all that easy to sum up what it means to help people in only a few words? No way Jose…. at least not for me. But that is what I want to do. With all the crazy events going on in this world, both good and bad, sometimes it is so easy to lose track of what is really important. I know […]